Sherree Wicktor is the owner of S & W Bait. It takes many people to keep S & W Bait running. Pictured above are the people who make up Sherree's dedicated team of employees.
S & W Bait has all the supplies you need for your fishing experience in the Brainerd Lakes Area. S & W Bait carries night crawlers, leeches by the pound and a variety of minnows including the best supply in the area of the all important Redtails. S & W Bait also has all sorts of tackle from rods and reels, hooks, bait buckets, nets and anything else you may have left at home.
Night crawlers sold by the flat - 1/2 flat or the dozen. We wholesale worms and leeches pre-package to resorts and bait stores.
We sell fishing licenses, both resident and non-resident and fish house licenses, both resident and non-resident.
S & W Bait
18900 S Highway 371 N.
Brainerd, Minnesota 56401